You questions : the answers !

Here is a small summary of the most frequently asked questions regarding the swap.

I am only the tenant of the place. Can I register?
Of course. It is recommanded to let the landlord or the agency know even if they cannot object to it.

Are there any risks?
All exchanges are based on trust : while people are at your place, you are at theirs! Moreover, they are not complete strangers since you would have talked to them on the phone or exchanged mails before the swap.

When register?
You can register whenever you want: holidays periods are different according to countries and seasons are different according to geographical position! Even if July and August are the favorite periods, it is possible to travel this way all year long.

How long before(for contacts, preparation) ?
Usually, swappers take time to get in touch on many occasions before going further. It can last between 4 or 6 months. Last minute departures sometimes happen but it is very rare that preparation begins less than one month prior to departure.

Should exchanged lodgings be equivalent?
Not necessarily : the swapper's wishes are indicated on the form. Some swap a villa in the canadian country side for a studio in the middle of Paris.

Can I exchange my vehicle too?
Yes, you can exchange all your vehicles. Nevertheless, please check with your insurance company to insure your guests too.

I have several houses to exchange. How many ads can I post?
Unlike other exchange companies, Trocky offers you the possibity to post up to 3 per account. You can create, modify, display or block them whenever you want in the members area.