Home Exchange : Why exchange ? What are the disadvantages?

Discover house exchange here, the undeniable benefits on the price on your coming holidays, how it works, the positive and negative points of this system.

 Do you want to discover the world for a lower price ?

 You have a family and you cannot afford to hire a place for 4 people or more?

 You are a student and you are looking for a place while on a training course?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Trocky is made for you !
Discover house exchange here

House swap enables you to spend low cost holidays : your budget only includes travel expenses !
Indeed, apart from the travel price, you save money on all your holidays :
- No rental or hotel expenses
- No more expenses on food than usual
- No transport costs once there (if you exchange vehicles too)
- As comfortable as at home
All in all, for a family of four, you can save up to 60% on your holidays !
The principle is quite simple and has existed for more than 40 years. Today, thanks to cheaper and cheaper transport costs, this kind of easy and safe holidays is booming. Moreover, all dates are now available : each country has different seasons, variable school calendars, and families travel increasingly outside of holiday periods to avoid the big rush.

Advantages/Disadvantages of swapping
The system allows many advantages for few disadvantages. First of all, the global cost of your holidays is cut down by half. You will thus enjoy other pleasures : go further, longer, or enjoy it fully there (go to restaurants, outings, etc...)
And of course do not forget that you will live in a real home : enjoy a real bathroom when coming back from a stroll, cook as you wish, no imposed hours to come back at night or leave in the morning, no forms to fill in, as comfortale as at home...
Friends passing through : invite them 'home' then! No need to go to the restaurant because of the lack of kitchen and space in the hotel room.
The only drawback is the wrong exchange. Indeed, no one can be completely protected from an exchange where the description does not correspond fully to reality, or from the risks of damages to your own place. Usually, this kind of case represents only less than 1% of the swaps. Keep in mind that you would have got in touch with the people long before to ask them more details and pictures. Moreover, damages are extremely rare.

No agency, no intermediary : you get in touch with the people directly and decide if the exchange suits you or not. Trocky allows you to have access to all ads and you can then contact as many people as you wish. You can modify your research and your ads online whenever you want.
Trocky is the way to connect swappers : you can check ads without being registered. Only the access to the details and having your ads online (3 maximum) are payable (29.50 Euros/year). Once registered, you are free to modify your information online when you want, change the pictures of your ads (3 pictures maximum per ad), etc... .
For a reasonable cost, you will enjoy special holidays based on trust and on the lower prices on the market, meaning the transport.
Are you ready to save money?